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Vesuvio's Minerals

497 – Wollastonite

In open geode of hard sanidine projetto,crystals in groups,max 8 mm, elongated, fibrous, beige.

Vesuvio's Minerals

481 – Wollastonite

In geode on crystals of Vesuvianite and small crystals orange garnets, cristals max 3 mm, gathered in clumps, beige flesh.

In through-hole crystal opal white shiny, 3 mm, terminated diamond, beam cristals of wollastonite beige.

Vesuvio's Minerals

171 – Wollastonite

On projetto metamorphic on an edge, druse medium ecristaltended cristals twisted 9mm, grayish white elongated acicular.

Vesuvio's Minerals

139 – Wollastonite

In a druse containing cristals of sanidine and white hexagonal cristals of nepheline, cristals needles, 25 mm, slender, gray-cream.

Vesuvio's Minerals

13 – Wollastonite

Tuft of cristals elongated (30 mm) with gray-beige group cristals vesuvianite yellow-brown. On one side of the sample in a closed geode-strand, surrounded by white calcite, hecristalagonal cristals, greater than 10 mm of mica green, transpare