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On marble, at geode, two cristal max 0.9 mm, red,and diffused small cristals,0.2 mm, octahedral more orange.

On marble, in a drusa, group of crystals max 0.4 mm, pink, octahedral, glassy.

On marble, in a geode, crystals max 0.4 mm, red, octahedral, in a corner,cristal odd shaped to 2 mm.

On a projetto pyroxenic to micro yellowish crystals,in geode, diffused cristals max 1 mm, blacks, octahedrical.

On a projetto metamorphic, partially drowned in a limestone eroded, max 1 mm crystals, violet, indigo,octahedrical with crystal stretched to habit weird.

On marble in a geode, crystals max 1 mm, brownish red orange.

On marble in small druse geode, crystals max 0.7 mm, red, shiny.

On marble in small druse diffused, max 0.5 mm crystals, octahedral, orange red.

In a small druse on marble, crystal max 1 mm, red orange, octahedral, glassy, shiny.

On a projetto piroxenic green, druse in vein with diffused crystals, max 2 mm, octahedral, blacks.

On marble in a little geode, diffused small,cristals max 0,2 mm, pink red, glassy.

On marble in druse, diffused cristals max 0,5 mm, pink violet glassy.

On marble in a little geode, cristal max 1,5 mm, octahedral, red, with cristal max 0,7 mm,to habit hecristalagon flattened.

On marble, in a small druse,red crystals, max 0.5 mm, rombododecaedrical with some more orange octahedral crystal.

In a open geode, on globules of calcite, cristals max 1 mm, indigo green, transparent, common, with flattened hexagonal dress and some octahedral.

In a open geode,on globules of calcite, cristals max 1 mm, octahedral and hexagonal flattened, diffused, indigo green, transparent

On marble, in small geode cristals,max 1 mm, diffused, octahedral, green blacks.

Octahedrical crystals blacks, max 6 mm, with small crystals of Forsterite drowned in calcite granules.