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On sanidinite, crystals max 3 mm, collected in small group, glassy, colorless.

On a projetto of hard sanidine,in geode,crystal max 2 mm, colorless, vitreous, with cristals sanidine.

On a projetto silicate with crystals of garnets, crystals max 1.5 mm, white glazed rombododecaedrical,with tufts of wollastonite.

On a bed of small crystals of dark green pyroxene, max 7 mm crystal, elongated, glassy, slightly opalescent.

On a projetto of hard sanidine,in a geode thoroughly recast vitreous, cristals max 3 mm, stretched thin, glassy, transparent.

On a projetto metamorphic in a small geode of biotite, mono crystal max 3 mm, green blue, opaque, rombododecaedrical.

In a druse with garnets yellow orange corroded crystals group by 10 mm, whitish slightly greenish.

Prismatic crystals, max 5 mm, grouped, colorless, glassy.

In through-hole crystal opal white shiny, 3 mm, terminated diamond, beam cristals of wollastonite beige.

On a projetto of sanidine in geode,cristals max 7 mm, prismatic, elongated, whitish opal, translucent.

In geode cristals rhombododecahedral, max 6 mm, white, glazed, with Vesuvianite 3 mm and small green pyrocristalene, fanned.

Mono cristal 6 mm, rhombododecahedral, white, opaque, frosted and elongated cristal, 6 mm, glassy, colorless.

On sanidinite in a small geode, mono cristal max 4 mm, elongated, prismatic, transparent, glassy.

On a projetto metamorphic in a geode, cristal rhombododecahedral,max 3 mm, and cristal prismatic,4mm stretched vitreous .

Mono cristal, 6 mm, glassy transparent, in little geode of sanidinite with group cristal Vesuvianite brown.

In geode closed with Vesuvianite brown and green pyrocristalene, cristal 6mm, with whitish opalescent abit rhombododecahedral.

On metamorphic silicate (granatite), mono cristal 10 mm, rhombododecahedral, white, translucent.

On a projetto metamorphic, in geode-druse on granatite with cristals vesuvianite, cristals white, 5 mm, in small groups, rhombododecahedral.