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On a projetto pyroxenic to micro yellowish crystals,in geode, diffused cristals max 1 mm, blacks, octahedrical.

On a projetto piroxenic green, druse in vein with diffused crystals, max 2 mm, octahedral, blacks.

Octahedrical crystals blacks, max 6 mm, with small crystals of Forsterite drowned in calcite granules.

On a projetto silicate green hard, druse of ecristaltended cristals blacks shiny, octahedral, 2 mm, interspersed and disseminated about cristals pyrocristalene corroded greyish perhaps recast.

In a druse, of eietto volcanic pirossenico, on a bed of micro cristals green pyrocristalene, disseminated cristals octahedral, 3mm, shiny blacks.

On a projetto calcareous with calcite spathic in druse, cristals disseminated, 1 mm, with tiny shiny blacks octahedral with cristals dull, corroded forsterite.


4 – Pleonasto

On pyroxenitic,in a open geode,cristals blacks, octahedral, shiny side of max 5 mm.