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Extended drusa of small crystals max 0.8 mm, dark green.

On silicate projetto in geode, crystals up to 6 mm, dark green, with prismatic cristals biotite.

druse of cristals elongated, max 5 mm, dark green.

druse of small cristals, max 1 mm, with varying shades of green.

In a open geode of metamorphic sanidinite external, with Calcite, cristals max 7 mm, olive green, translucent.

On dolomitic-silicate green, cristals max 15 mm, blacks, slightly corroded.

On a projetto pyroxene black, geode with bottom of silicates white recast, cristals max 3 mm, elongated, prismatic, blacks, shiny.

On a projetto metamorphic-silicate, in druse diffused cristals, max 5 mm, dark green.

On a projetto silicatic-calcareous, in a small geode open,cristals max 6 mm, green, glassy, shiny.

In a projetto of silicified calcareous, in a druse ecristaltended,cristals prismatic 5 mm olive green, with residues of corroded cristals vesuvianite.

In geode of projetto metamorphic green, cristal 5 mm prismatic green bottle.


71 – Pirosseni

On edge projetto pirossenic,druse of large cristals ,20 mm long, prismatic, thick, dark olive green, translucent with disseminated small octahedral cristals blacks spinel pleonasto.


18 – Pirosseni

In the projetto with ecristaltensive green mica, geode 50 cristal 30 mm, with cristals dark green, elongated 6 mm.


99 – Pirosseni

On a projetto metamorphic, in druse ecristaltended cristals elongated, 15mm, prismatic dark green.