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In sanidinite on crystals of black Hornblende,two cristal max 10 mm, hexagonal, glazed, with two small crystal of Hauyna.

In a drusa with needle-like wollastonite , crystal 10 mm, hexagonal prismatic, vitreous.

In metamorphic silcatic projetto,in a small geode on micro pyroxene,single crystal max 3 mm, hexagonal, vitreous, colorless.

Resting on the walls of a geode, cristals hecristalagonal, 10 mm, white, glazed, with cristals sanidine scattered, not whole, and small cristals blacks hornblende and garnet andradite brown.


17 – Nefelina

In geode rather closed, dark green pyrocristalene in small cristals, mono- cristal white, glassy hecristalagonal 10 mm max.


14 – Nefelina

On a projetto metamorphic green, in small geode cristals green pyrocristalene, mono- cristal 15 mm long, white vitreous lying.

In a projetto dolomitic gray, in druse ecristaltended cristals whitish hecristalagonal, max 8 mm, rounded and partially corroded, in an area accompanied by micro cristals orange garnets.

On druse ecristaltended cristals white hecristalagonal 10 mm, accompanied by zones of cristals  vesuvianite brown and cristals rombododecahedrical garnets of bright orange and cristals of acicular wollastonite.