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Small globules deep blue, max 0.2 mm, grouped into areas of glass transformation of volcanic pumice.

Small geode in a projetto dolomitic of crystals, max 0.6 mm, rather globular, grouped, light-blue.

In a small geode of projetto pyrocristalenico green, cristal max 2 mm, bleu vitreous.

On a project dolomitic, in drusa, max 0.5 mm crystals, diffused, bleu intense glassy.

In geode of projetto dolomitic gray, like a halo of ecristalternal and residual fragments of leucite glassy,small globules ,max 1 mm, bleu intense.

On a projetto dolomitic gray, in druse cristals meionite corroded, disseminated,abundant microgranules bleu intense, max 1mm.