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On sanidinite, mono crystal max 7 mm, dark brown, rombododecaedrical.

In a open geode on small crystals of wollastonite, group of crystals max 7 mm, red orange, glassy, translucent.

On a drusa, mono X 5 mm, almost black, translucent.

On a projetto metamorphic silicate, drusa of crystal max 2 mm, blacks rombododecaedrical.

Drusa extended red - brown cristals , max 8 mm , rombododecaedrici , shiny , extended to 50% of the flat upper surface of a Projetto metamorphic silicate with external residues of limestone and marble type texture containing cuspidine in micro crystals and Hornblende.

Small groups of crystals, max 3 mm, rombododecaedrical, from reddish brown to blackish brown, shiny.

On a projetto silicate green, druse of crystals, 4 mm, dark brown.

In white residue silicates  partially immerse, cristal max 2,5 mm, rhombododecahedral, dull, from red-brown to blackish.

In a projetto silicified,of big cristals leucite colorless, fractured, mono cristal rhombododecahedral,11 mm, brown.

On a projetto metamorphic green,in druse, cristals rhombododecahedral,max 3 mm, bright red.

cristals diffused, silky white, max 1 mm, with dark red Garnet,cristal 5 mm, vitreous.

On metamorphic silicate, in geode, diffused crystals max 1.5 mm, orange, glassy rombododecaedrical.

On a projetto silicatic-calcareous, druse cristal, max 2 mm, orange-red, with some cristal Vesuvianite brown.

In drusa with white crystals of corroded Nepheline and crystal of Hornblende elongated, cristals max 1 mm, diffused orange,rounded.

On a projetto metamorphosed,druse ecristaltended of small cristal, max 2 mm rhombododecahedral,black brown.

Grouping of cristals and two cristal-spaced, 6mm, rhombododecahedral, red light brown, with white silicate indistinct, on a projetto metamorphic.

In a small geode of projetto metamorphic, resting on cristals laminar biotite, group of cristals rhombododecahedral,max 6 mm, brown-red glassy shiny.

In a small geode of metamorphic  projetto silicified,diffused small cristals,max 1.5 mm, rhombododecahedral, transparent orange,shiny, with some cristal brown, prismatic vesuvianite.