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On a metamorphic projetto in a geode with biotite crystals black and white cristals of sodalite, mono crystal max 1.5 mm, gray, pseudo octahedrical.

On a projetto of massive vesuvianite and residual calcite and white silicates, single crystal max 4 mm, gray corroded  and covered with micro cristals of alteration.

Small crystals, max 1 mm, silver habit complex, with cristals twinned octahedral of magnetite corroded rust-colored.

On marble, at vein of green biotite in plates resting,scattered few cubic crystal, max 1 mm, gray metal.

On marble in druse, mono cristal max 1 mm, cubic, gray lead, metallic

On a projetto metamorphic,druse ecristaltended of small cristals biotite ,two small cristal, max1.5 mm,opaque, light gray non-metallic patina obvious alteration to silvery appearance.