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On a projetto metamorphosed limestone in drusa, crystals max 3 mm, pale green, glassy, transparent.

In a drusa  crystals of black biotite,micro crystals, 0,8 mm, yellow-green, diffused and grouped into globules.

druse of small crystals,  max 1.5 mm, green pea, thin, elongated, with small aggregates cristals opaque, pink meat.

In drusa with small crystals of Chondrodite and crystals of Clinocloro, red brown, two cristal, max 3 mm, yellow, glassy, shiny.

Small druse on projetto silicate, with elongated crystals up to 6 mm, green yellow.

On druse with cristals Biotite green and red-brown, group cristals max 7 mm, yellow glassy shiny.

On a projetto metamorphic single crystal 9 mm, yellow, glassy, shiny.

In geode of projetto silicatized calcareous, with large cristal vesuvianite light brown, not perfectly preserved,group of small  cristals to clump from which branch off two divergent cristal elongated acicular, 7 mm, prismatic transparent, pale green.

In geode with cristals small mica brown-orange, yellow cristals, glassy, shiny, with a rich faces cristal 10 mm side.