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In a geode with biotite, crystals max 5 mm, beige, elongated with some small cristals of Vesuvianite.

Micro crystals beige flesh, spread geode, to cover light green pyroxene vesuvianite brown and yellow.

In geode of green biotite, disseminated crystals up to 2 mm, beige flesh, dull, lanceolate.

On druse cristals Vesuvianite brown (with mono cristal to habit more complecristal to 7 mm) diffused cristals max 7 mm, beige-meat

In geode with residues of vesuvianite, small group of cristals, max 4 mm, beige-meat.

On a projetto silicatic, on residues vesuvianite cristals, max 3 mm, grouped in a star, opaque white.

Groups of cristals cusped, max 3 mm, pink beige opaque on vesuvianite cristals brown.


64 – Cuspidina

In a projetto all silicified with vesuvianite, garnet, pyrocristalene ,massive, in geode with cristal vesuvianite twinned, dark brown, 10 mm long, group cristals pink flesh stretched, 15 mm, covered with globular calcareous small greyish.

Druse open in a projetto metamorphic of vesuvianite compact, with background of small cristals biotite black, widespread and numerous cristals lanceolate, 5 mm, pinkish-gray.


98 – Cuspidina

In geode projetto metamorphic cristals lanceolate, 8mm, whitish-pink opaque.