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484 – Chondrodite

On green and black crystals of biotite and diffused small yellow diopside crystals, mono-crystal max 3 mm, beige brown red, opaque, corroded.


306 – Chondrodite

In a druse extended disseminated crystals, max 3 mm, dark red with some small yellow crystal diopside


308 – Chondrodite

In a geode crystals in common, max 2 mm, red brown with octahedral crystal of magnetite, black.


404 – Chondrodite

In a small geode,group of crystals, max 3 mm, dark red honey, glassy, shiny.


399 – Chondrodite

On metamorphic crystal max 3 mm, isolated, red brown, glassy, transparent, shiny


125 – Chondrodite

On druse and geode cristals brown honey, a bit 'rounded, very small, ina little geode,accompanied by small cristals octahedral magnetite.

In druse, filled with calcite,on a edges,cristals brown honey, 0.5 cm.In other area cristals scattered octahedral, shiny metallic 2 mm side of magnetite.