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On a projetto dolomitic-silicate,hard, in small geode max 6 mm, elongated, vitreous, colorless, transparent.

On a projetto pyroxenic green, mono crystal max 7 mm, transparent, colorless, vitreous.

In projetto piroxenic green, in drusa crystals max 3.5 mm, white, glassy, translucent.

In a projetto of black pyroxene,crystals max 4 mm, translucent white, with cristals el ongated, opaque, of wollastonite.

On a projetto of pyrocristaleneco green, group of cristals max 4 mm, intersect, white, glassy.

On a project silicatic piroxenic green, in a small geode,single crystal, max 5 mm, tabular white transparent.

On a projetto pyroxene green in a small geode,two cristal max 5 mm, transparent white, glassy.

On a projetto green, in druse ,with small cristals pyrocristalene, cristal max 7 mm, white vitreous.


70 – Anortite

In a projetto dolomitic gray,in the open druse ,cristals disseminated 8 mm and smaller, glassy white, rich in faces.

On a projetto gray dolomitic calcareous, in druse long date,with cristals meionite, cristals white, 8 mm, multiform faces apparently corroded.

In a druse open of projetto dolomitic gray, on a micro green pyrocristalene, two cristal elongated, white, glassy corroded with faces hopper,20 mm long, accompanied by a number of cristals anorthite white.