494 – Baddeleyte

On green crystals of bitite, bi-crystal max 1 mm, cross, golden brown.


489 – Baddeleyte

Drusa of crystals of black biotite and yellow micro crystals of diopside, cristals max 1,2 mm, red brown, thin, elongated.


440 – Vesuvianite

On a green projetto,dolomitic type, single crystal 7 mm, dark brown.

On sanidinite, mono crystal max 7 mm, dark brown, rombododecaedrical.


433 – Vesuvianite

Group of prismatic crystals, max 10 mm, yellow-brown, shiny.


427 – Vesuvianite

On a project metamorphic limestone in drusa with small green pyroxene crystals, single crystal max 10 mm, prismatic, yellow-brown, shiny.

On sanidinite, crystals max 3 mm, collected in small group, glassy, colorless.

Vesuvio's Minerals

439 – Zircone Azzurro

On sanidinite, mono crystal max 4 mm,octahedral,showing faces of the prism,gray-blue.

On marble, at geode, two cristal max 0.9 mm, red,and diffused small cristals,0.2 mm, octahedral more orange.


436 – Baddeleyte

On silicatic projetto, in a geode,crystals group max 1 mm, red brown.

On a metamorphic projetto in a geode with biotite crystals black and white cristals of sodalite, mono crystal max 1.5 mm, gray, pseudo octahedrical.

Vesuvio's Minerals

497 – Wollastonite

In open geode of hard sanidine projetto,crystals in groups,max 8 mm, elongated, fibrous, beige.

Some World's Stones




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